Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days 1 and 2

Day 1
After a very frantic first hour at BWI we stopped at Shannons for breakfast. Ummmm... Nasty. Security was a nightmare. We haven't flown since 9-11 and it was very confusing. I found myself very upset over the ordeal. It didn't help that we had people behind us very aggravated at our slowness. The girls handled their first flight well. The take off was a little iffy but they made it. They loved the fact we got snacks and drinks. We arrived at Orlando and got the van. We then headed to Orange Lake. Orange Lake is amazing and I have never seen anything like it. We had dinner at River Island Grille and it was fabulous. The staff was amazing and the food was was really good.  We were definitely ready for bed when we got back:)

Day 2
We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Again, great food. We shared plates and there was definitely enough food for everyone. After breakfast we headed to Sea World. We went through back check and ticket check in. All went smoothly. When we got into the park we headed to the show Blue Horizons. Wonderful show. The animals and humans were very talented. I was awed through the whole thing. We left Blue Horizons and went to Penguin Encounter. Can we all just say AWWWW. They were adorable:) Shark Encounter was next and I wasn't as thrilled with this one. I guess I was expecting more. The next show was Believe. Oh this was just incredible. Loved every minute. It was time for lunch and we had a great one:) Then we took the girls on the rides. They loved it.
We were tired and ready to go. So we headed out to go to the grocery store. We bought snacks and other items then headed back to condo to get ready to go Sleuths Mystery Theater. The show was fabulous and a great time was had by all. I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. The cast was amazing and the food was decent. We got home late and everyone crashed.

Day 2 down, 8 more to go.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Days and Counting

Wow, it is hard to believe we are at the 5 day mark. It feels like we just started planning, lol. I have lots to do but of course I came down with a cold. So now I don't feel like doing anything:( But I am pushing through. I got our album completely done last night. It turned out so cute. I added a christmas mickey and did it in a new font. It looks more professional now and will be such a nice keepsake.

Sea World finally has its schedule up for the days we will be there. I was a little disappointed that some of the shows I wanted to see was not there but I did find a few we can see. I scheduled them so we could see all three on Friday ( our full day in Sea World) with time in between to see other exhibits.  The shows we are going to see are:
Blue Horizons
Alure Call of the Ocean
The other scheduled shows are kid shows and are too young for my girls. Pets ahoy looked really cute but unfortunately it is shown around the same times as the 3 above and I couldn't fit it in.

We are going to the Mystery Dinner Theater in Orlando Friday night. This is something we are all looking forward too. The show we are going to see is WKZY. It sounds like a hoot. I was very pleased to see the rave reviews it received on Yelp. Yelp is the place I go to when I need a review. I even write reviews for them of places around here. The information is pretty accurate and it is amazing too see how many people view a place differently.

We did have one major crisis this week and of course it was my fault. It had to do with my ID renewal but I was able to take care of it and on Tuesday I will have my new ID. I am so happy because I was afraid they wouldn't let me fly or I would have to go through heck trying to get on the flight. Dodged a big bullet on that one and definitely learned my lesson. Never listen to anyone from the DMV:)

Well that is about it today. I will be updating more since we are so close to leaving.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 Days and Counting:)

Wow, we only have 15 days!! It is so hard to believe. The time has just flown. I think we are all experiencing fluctuating emotions. We could one of us excited and then another one goes down, lol. So I am making a new rule. No one is allowed any Vacay blues. From here on out we are all going to be excited! We are going to Disney, the most magical place on earth! There is NO CRYING at Disney, unless it is me crying over the castle or something, hehehehe. So even though Disney has screwed up the reservation system online, they are experiencing their highest crowd rate since 2007 and I still have so much too do it isn't funny I will remain pumped. How am I doing this? With a whole bunch of caffeine and chocolate of course:) I jest, not really, well okay maybe just a little but I am dependent on it or anything. Seriously I am not. Quit rolling your eyes, I am NOT I tell you! Okay, maybe just a teensy weensy bit, happy now?

This morning I went over to Orange Lake web style and found they have so many activities!! Now I know we won't be able too do much while we are there but it is nice too know they have some things too do if we can. I am seriously considering selling a kidney or something to do the Sea Doo rental. I have always wanted too ride a Sea Doo. Then I found out that have a Dinner Mystery theater not far from Orange Lake. It sounded like a lot of fun and I know everyone would enjoy that because all 4 of us love a good mystery. Dakotah, Mom S and I love to read them and Alianna loves to watch them. On Friday nights they have Karoake for all ages. We will happen to be at Orange Lake on a Friday night because we will be packing so I may take the girls there for a bit and give Mom S a much needed break. I found it very interesting they have a big nature walk early in the morning on some days. I may take Dakotah on that because she loves learning about ECO systems and nature type things. I on the other hand will be bored to tears but lets not tell her that:) Orange Lake has a flyer on line that you can print out for the month. I will definitely do that next month just to have it handy. Okay, pumped for Orange Lake! 

I was not happy to see that Sea World still does not have their calendar up for November. Hello people! How am I supposed to plan? I am not a fly by your seat type person. I did not let it get me down though. I am going to see Shamu, well I am not sure it is really Shamu but they are dolphins so therefore they are all named Shamu. Looking on the site I know I want to see Believe, Shamu Rocks, Blue Horizons, Shark Encounter, Dolphin Cove, and Penguin Encounter. I know I probably will not be able to fit everything in but oh well. I will be in Sea World and that is another dream brought into reality thanks to Mom S. Okay, pumped for Sea World!

How could you not be Pumped for Disney? I am so pumped I am about ready to explode. For 25 years I have been waiting to go to Disney. To walk down Main Street and see the Castle for the first time. I know it will be emotional for me. Seeing the girls walk down it will be something I will always remember. Did you know my favorite Princess is Cinderella? I had never seen the movie until VCR's came out and Disney released it. I watched it over and over again. I really loved that movie and still have the first copy I owned. Except now it is worn out, lol. I have a lot of Cinderella items my most treasured being my Cinderella Music box my ex-husband bought me many moons ago. I adore that music box and no one is allowed to touch it. I know Disney is for kids and Cinderella is not real but I think when we meet her it will be really hard not to be a kid, lol. I think those will be the most treasured memories. Dakotah meeting Tinkerbell for the first time and Alianna meeting Ariel. Of course I can't wait to introduce Mom S. to Uncle Scrooge:)

Thanks for reading my rambles. I promise next post will be a more informative one. I will be breaking down how the blog will go while we are gone and all that good stuff:)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I know it has been awhile since I posted! I woke up this morning and realized we have 20 days! 20 Days!!! I have so much to do, lol. But before I get into the flurry of activity I wanted to share with you some of the things we have for the trip. Our planning book has shrunk:) We didn't need a big one so I found this really cute little photo album at Micheals, and it was on sale, YAY, so I picked it up. So far it is perfect.

Here is the front:

Inside I have printed our daily schedule, important numbers, medical info and a little card of what we will need in the park each day. 3 by 5 index cards were perfect for this. I am not sure if I like the way they are now. I may change them into a better format.

I think it will be great for the park. Light and easy to carry in this wonderful bag! I looked at all kinds of designer bags but found exactly what I wanted at Wal Mart, double YAY! It has two huge sections, one zippered section in the front and two pocket sections. Perfect for carrying all of our stuff. I love the two front pockets especially because my cell and camera will always be in reach.

The two big pockets will be great for holding the girls autograph books I designed and had printed for them. They will be using these for Mickey's Christmas Party. They are so excited about that party and they loved these. I got lots of kisses and yes I got cool mom of the year;)

Title Page:

Inside where the characters sign:

Last but not least are the girls pins. Pictured are Alianna's:) These are for their pin trading with CM's. They are hoping to trade them for Tinkerbelle and Ariel pins. The princess lanyard is for holding the pins. Dakotah got a tinkerbelle one of course.

That is it for now. As things happen I will keep you updated!

Disney Bound,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Started our Planning Book:)

I spent some time today printing out our divider pages for our planning book. I designed all the pages using paint shop pro. Right now they are in a 1 inch black binder but they will be finding a new home shortly. This one will stay at the hotel. The one we will have for the park will be a 4 by 6. That will be much easier to carry around the park.
Click on the images to see the large version:

I think they turned out really nice and I can't wait to get the whole thing put together.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So my MIL calls me and says we have a problem. I am thinking oh god, we are not going. So she proceeds to tell me that if we leave on the 4th of November that the airline tickets are cheaper. Then she says " So how would you feel if we leave on the 4th and spend a few days at Sea World?" How would I feel? Freaking over the moon! I have been wanting to go to Sea World for years. I cannot believe all the good things that are coming up. I pray every day that everything will work out because all of this is a dream come true. I have been waiting to go to WDW for 28 years and to be going there and Sea World at the same time is just incredible! I just don't know what to think but I am very happy!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Total Freakout:)

I had a freak out moment last night when I realized all the ADR's have been made and I was finished. I mean this trip is not for 90 days. There is no way I can handle the excitement, I have to keep doing something. 

As always, DIS'ers came through for me. I found out I can make a planning book, WHOO HOO! You see in my other life I am a Copyright Agent for several artists and a huge art licensing firm. My biggest hobby is making signature tags, scrap kits, and the like. So this is right up my alley, 

I just have to figure out what kind of planning book I want? A Full size, one of the smaller 3 ring binder, or business cards? I don't think business cards are for me because they are so small I am sure to lose them. I am on the fence about a full size three ring binder because it may get heavy but a small 3 ring binder may be to small. Decisions, Decisions. I definitely want this to be a keepsake for my girls

Anyone have any suggestions?